OUR MANTRA: Uplift with Humanity

Our mission is to end poverty in our lifetimes by empowering people through high quality global initiatives focused on education and health.


We believe that our collective humanity will flourish when all people have equal access to the opportunity to fulfill their fundamental right to live joyful and healthy lives.


As a global collective of students, families, volunteers, professors, entrepreneurs, and agents of change we foster a growth mindset rooted in humility and empathy while striving for excellent outcomes. Through international collaboration and development, we strive to solve the grand challenges of our day while remaining responsive to the individual relationships and partnerships fostered through community development and cultural exchange across social, cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, racial, religious, and geographical boundaries.


One Heart Source honors its mantra and mission by:

1. Catalyzing a diverse global collective committed to ending poverty through direct action in order to empower opportunity, choice and freedom.
2. Designing, implementing, and evolving social justice programs that empower positive education and health outcomes in concert with the communities we serve.
3. Activating higher education by organizing and mobilizing university students to partner with local stakeholders throughout the world to implement effective models for social change.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, we hope to be a source of compassion through which people gain a better understanding of one another’s reality while working toward a vision of greatness!