Many people like progress, few like change. We must be the change we wish to see. We wish to share our journey with you as we strive for a collective future that offers all of our children’s children the opportunity to thrive.  May we have the courage to learn from our history as we work towards a future that collectively heals the mistakes of the past.

Our Collective Future

Since 2008, the transformative partnerships created by OHS volunteer programs have resulted in nearly one thousand volunteers from around the world connecting with people in Tanzania and South Africa. The mission and vision of One Heart Source extends beyond the confines of any particular region or sector, as vulnerable populations continue to be marginalized globally and ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’.  We aim to incept a new global location for our programs each year until 2020, starting with Jamaica in 2015.

January 2015

This marks the 8th consecutive year of OHS volunteer programs and will be the first time a new programs location is established outside of the African continent.  In response to overwhelming demand, OHS has also designed new programs options for our Cape Town location, including: High School, Families, Wisdom Project, and Health Professionals options.

Programs Diversification


An inaugural Health Professionals program is incepted in Cape Town and the DIVERSE and EDUCATE programs are unified to create a single collective effort focused around service, immersion, and international collaboration.  The program in Cape Town doubles in size as the next generation of GIFTED students are enrolled and OHS operates nearly twice the number of programs as in 2013.  The Zanzibar program completes its fourth and final year.

Evolution of Programs


The One Heart Source Children’s Welfare Center evolves and transitions to a fully mobile model that designs sustainable life plans for each child enrolled in the network, based on their available web of care and academic opportunities.  We work closely with social workers and the child’s surviving family members to research the family history and available care for every child at One Heart Source.  The goal of One Heart Source remains the same as it was at inception: to offer each child it serves a fair life by improving the quality of daily nutritional value, academic and social learning, personal care and attention, and life opportunity.

Evolution of Welfare Network

JUNE 2012

The inaugural volunteer program in Cape Town takes place and the GIFTED Community is established.  The Arusha volunteer program enters its fifth and final year.

Cape Town


OHS expands operations in sub-Saharan Africa to a new program site in Cape Town, South Africa.



The OHS Children’s Welfare Center continues to grow into a model of sustainability, responsibility, and direction. The family in the home thrives as the children develop a healthy sense of self, community, and purpose.

Our international teams of volunteers work together to provide instruction in English, Community Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention, and a variety of other subjects in schools and communities in Arusha and Zanzibar, Tanzania.



OHS is recognized by the Arusha District Council Office of Education for its contributions to education in the Arusha District. At the recommendation of the council, OHS 2010 volunteers initiate programs in Musa Ward, an area in need of immediate assistance, and establish partnerships with Musa Primary and Secondary School.



As OHS grows in size, it begins to fund and implement community development projects in the surrounding villages. The local road, impassable in the rainy season, is repaired and reinforced, and OHS constructs a new pit toilet at the local primary school, which previously had no restroom for hundreds of students.


MAY 2010

OHS expands operations in Tanzania to a new program site in Zanzibar. The inaugural group of 14 volunteers establish the initial community and school relations which will be built upon by future volunteers.



As OHS enters its third year, the Children’s Home has reached full capacity, and is able to concentrate more heavily on academics and sustainability.  OHS begins to evolve from a simple home center into an all-encompassing social welfare network providing care for vulnerable children who cannot be cared for by their biological families.



OHS enters its second year. The second group of children moves into their new home, increasing the total number of children living in the home to fourteen. The volunteer programs and site still operate in tandem, and the focus of the year is on developing sustainable agriculture to support the Children’s Home and expanding volunteer-run educational programs in surrounding villages.

Volunteers continue the education programs established by 2008 volunteers, and expand operations to two new schools in surrounding villages. During this year’s programs, more than 600 primary school students receive a full HIV/AIDS Prevention Course, and after-school programs in the English and Arts are established at the schools nearest to the OHS site.


JUNE 2009

OHS acquires a second, adjacent piece of land to double the size of the OHS site, completing Phase 1 of development goals for the Children’s Home. The land will soon serve as a community soccer field and a source of organic food to supply the OHS Children’s Home.


JAN. 2009

Major construction on the OHS Children’s Home is completed.  OHS welcomes home its first six children.



The first OHS Volunteer Program begins in Arusha, Tanzania.  With a lack of education being one of the root causes of Tanzania’s high number of AIDS orphans, volunteers establish education-based HIV/AIDS Prevention programs at two local primary schools. These early programs expand to encompass after-school arts and English programs, as well as community discussions at local shops and hangouts. The program culminates with a public free HIV testing at the local market, in which more than 200 people receive free HIV tests and counseling.


JUNE 2008

In the absence of a proven working model to confront the catastrophic reality of this crisis, the One Heart Source Children’s Welfare Center is established in Arusha, Tanzania, as a place of peace, learning, and family for abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable children.  OHS acquires three acres of land and breaks ground.  The goal of the Welfare Center is to offer each child it serves a fair life by improving the quality of daily nutritional value, academic and social learning, personal care and attention, and life opportunity.

2008 –  UNAIDS estimates that there are nearly 2.4 million orphaned children in Tanzania, at least 1.1 million of whom are orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.