The Families Program

Bringing families closer together by investing in our global humanity and collective future.

Dear Families,

In response to an overwhelming demand, One Heart Source will be offering its inaugural Families Program this summer (2015). Over the past six years, over 800 volunteers from over 100 universities worldwide have actively participated in One Heart Source’s University Programs. During the past six years our team has been tirelessly evolving, developing and refining the best volunteer programs in the World. We are constantly striving to achieve excellent results by bridging communities across nations, racial background, cultures, languages, socio-economics, and generations.  Based on our 5 star Great Nonprofits rating (volunteer based) and our history making education based service-learning model we are prepared to offer our programs beyond the ivory towers.

With this in mind we have designed our most dynamic program yet, the Families Program. No matter the size or age span of you family we will customize your program to maximize the quality of the experience for each member of your family. Each participant will actively engage in service-learning, international collaboration, and cultural immersion. One of the many exciting additional aspects of the the families program is the opportunity to better understand the post-apartheid context of South Africa by meaningfully interacting with two Capetonian families who experienced the divide from two very different lenses.

We believe that our commitment to diversity is an investment in better understanding ourselves and what it means to be human as we move into an era that is further defined by globalization, communication, and interconnectedness. Understanding our global and human context has become a prerequisite for successfully navigating the 21st century.