Activate your Education

Over the past six years, over 800 volunteers from over 100 universities worldwide have actively participated in One Heart Source. For their participation in our programs, many of our volunteers received full course credit (4-8 units) at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including but not limited to: Harvard University, Penn State, University of Michigan, and Cal Poly. Given the rigor and high quality of One Heart Source programs, our volunteers gain an incredible set of leadership skills to be applied to any career or discipline. Our volunteers often say that their experiences far outweigh the knowledge gained in a traditional university course. Our programs are designed as courses in action, meaning we implement the very thoughts and strategies that we analyze. This year we have tailored this highly impactful program to meet the needs of High School Students, Teachers, and Administrators who seek to broaden their context of humanity and the world through results-oriented service learning. Given the rigor of our programs, each of our High School students who successfully complete the program will receive a personalized letter of recommendation to be used for university applications. By joining One Heart Source you are one step closer to hitting the ground running as a leader in your first year of university.

Information for Teachers and Administrators


Program Dates

E-mail to inquire about 2017 programs

All of our High School Volunteer Abroad programs are 2 weeks long. This allows us to structure and evolve our programs to maximize every minute, activity, and “aha moment” to truly provide the most inspirational and meaningful two weeks of your life.


Location, Safety, and Supervision

Your safety is our number one priority. We are constantly refining our safety and security strategies to meet and exceed the needs of our volunteers. We have policies and procedures to take care of just about anything that may come up while on the program. Our in-field training reinforced by our Code of Conduct contract empowers all One Heart Source stakeholders to safely, maturely, and effectively experience our programs.

Key Points

  • OHS High School Volunteers are provided an added level of support and structure with 24/7 supervision by professional staff.
  • Life Site: Our Cape Town volunteers will be living at The Village Apartment Complex of Hout Bay, based safely in a beautiful beach-front Cape Town suburb nestled between mountain and sea. This secure property has a 24 hour security guard, indoor heated swimming pool, and planted atrium.
  • This is our 4th year operating from the The Village and our relationship with the Hout Bay community is impeccable. “It takes a village to teach a student”.
  • Healthy and delicious local and international cuisine is cooked at our Life Site by our local One Heart Source cooks. Filtered water, fresh fruit, and snacks are provided. Our cooks are trained in food safety so that you can enjoy the delicious local food of Cape Town.
  • Transportation: While travelling locally our volunteers will be supervised and guided by one of our Course in Action leaders. All of our vehicles are operated by licensed drivers who are vetted by our professional staff. All vehicles utilized during the program are inspected and constantly monitored to ensure optimal road safety.
  • Each volunteer is required to sign the Code of Conduct, which empowers everyone to have a safe, joyful, and the very best volunteer abroad experience possible.
  • Communication: Cell phones with local and international capacity are provided to each pair of High School volunteers to utilize during the program. Contact information for all staff members are pre-set in each phone. Internet is available at the Life Site. Furthermore, two (one male, one female) English-speaking staff members will be on site to answer any questions in person when needed.
Olivia Miller Diablo Valley College San Diego Mesa College (2017) Psychology

The Experience

Actively engaging in this program will be one of the most exciting, challenging, and meaningful experiences of your life.

  • International Collaboration: Learn, design, create, and take action in partnership with your local student counterpart (same grade) and fellow volunteers from around the world.
  • Service – Learning: Through highly impactful models for positive social change and communal uplift.
  • Course in Action: Engage in meaningful and inspiring dialogue, seminars, and panels with fellow high school students from around the world, students from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and local game changers and stakeholders.
  • Community: By joining One Heart Source you are welcomed into a family of innovators, entrepreneurs, activists, professionals, engineers, developers, scientists, designers, game changers, and students from around the world. This network has been developed for the past 6 years and can support you and your vision for a brighter future for years to come.
  • Language: Xhosa classes are provided for all High School students from day 1 in order to begin to humbly integrate into our local community.
  • Cultural Immersion & Global Context: This program will immerse you in the cultural context of Cape Town by actively engaging the past, present, and collective future with a specific focus on the history of Cape Town, Slavery, and Apartheid.
    1. Lucy Campbell and Transcending History Tours – Lucy Campbell is a specialist in the areas of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade and Cape Slavery Heritage Sites and their interpretation. She is the founder of Transcending History Tours, which is a vehicle to critically examine issues of identity, heritage, and culture with a global perspective. During this time you will be physically touring Cape Town while being provided with a narrative of the significance of each location in relation to slavery. This experience culminates at former slave holdings where a panel discussion is held.
    2. Edu-Tour of Robben Island – Explore the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. Engage in critical dialogue on the history of apartheid while reflecting on the significance of this location as expressed by a former prisoner.

    3. District 6 Museum – Visit the historical site that beautifully tells the narratives of over 60,000 residents who were forcibly removed from their homes during the Apartheid regime. Engage with former residents while exploring the perimeters of the former community on foot.



Cape Town is one of the most beautiful and unique environments in the world. During the program, each high school student will have the opportunity to engage in any of the following activities at no added cost.

  • Climb Table Mountain
  • Hout Bay Beach
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Climb Lion’s Head

Teachers and Administrators

Activate Your Students’ Education

Our Teacher/Student programs are designed to fit perfectly within the academic calendar of your school.

Teacher Volunteer

(Your Choice 2-8 Weeks)

Teach For America CM’s, Alumni, Credentialed Teachers and Administrators are eligible for a $200 scholarship to be applied toward the program fee of any OHS program.

Teacher Volunteer with Students

(2 weeks in Cape Town + Pre-Field Preparations)

Teachers who lead five or more of their school’s students will have their volunteer program fee waived and all program related in-country expenses will be covered. Teachers who lead 10 or more students will have their airfare covered in addition to the program fee and in-country expenses.

Teachers for Global Justice Fellowship

(15 month program for full-time teachers)

The Teachers for Global Justice Fellowship bridges teachers and students across the world to engage in a cross-cultural model of education that empowers international collaboration, learning, and action. This Fellowship is intended to empower the next generation of leaders in education by further developing a social justice orientation that is committed to pursuing educational excellence for all youth, regardless of their zip code. From Compton to Cape Town, Oklahoma to Ouagadougou, Michigan to Montego Bay we seek to truly empower the next generation with the skills and  network to become compassionate leaders unbound by age, socio-economic background, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.

Fellowship and Scholarship Guidelines

Positions to join the Teachers for Global Justice Fellowship community are limited and highly competitive. Accepted Fellows are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship to be applied toward the 2-week program fee in the first year of service.

There are a total of 5 scholarships available

Fellowship Timeline

Summer or Spring in Cape Town (2 weeks)

  • Prepare: Actively prepare for leading your students next year
  • Engage: International Collaborative Community. Meet your Cape Town students.   You will be a bridge for an international community. Your students will begin communicating with this group of students prior to arriving in South Africa.
  • Learn: Context of Global Education Leadership


  • Share the Opportunity with Your Students and School
  • Enroll/Select Students 3-20 per teacher
  • Introduce your U.S. students to your students in Cape Town. Live conferencing via the most interactive web conferencing platform available.  

Winter 2015/2016

  • Fundraise student program fees
  • Grow your international community of students with bi-monthly web-conferences that bridge your students in Cape Town with your students at home.

Spring 2016

  • Prepare your students with the One Heart Source pre-field experience.
  • Coordinate travel logistics

Summer or Spring 2016 in Cape Town (2 weeks)

  • Fly with your students
  • Activate your students education by empowering them to become the global leaders they can be!
  • Co-Lead your students with One Heart Source staff
  • Fly with your students