Since 2008, OHS has designed and operated volunteer programs for university students who seek to broaden their context of humanity and the world through results-oriented service learning.   Each year, a global collective of volunteers recruited from universities all over the world unites to promote empowerment through education and positive social uplift.

Our programs are designed to provide university students, both undergraduate and graduate, access to hands-on, experiential learning in a global context that is often absent from the traditional academic environment. Through service-learning projects, cultural immersion, and international collaboration, One Heart Source volunteers are able to develop themselves as leaders and scholars in an ever-increasing global community.



The core focus of the university program is to work with students in the GIFTED community as academic mentors and help foster an environment where they can thrive academically, personally, and creatively by engaging in a holistic approach to education.

Through our proven mentorship model, OHS volunteers provide some of the most disadvantaged and underrepresented students in the world with opportunities to excel in an environment where they are also encouraged to be themselves.

Though most of the program’s service-learning focus is on the GIFTED community, volunteers will also have the opportunity to engage in various other projects throughout the community.  This includes but is not limited to: reading assistance to underprivileged students, health dialogue and discussions with community members of all ages, assisting individuals living with disabilities, community development projects, and more.


Volunteers on the University Program will engage in immersion activities frequently throughout Cape Town, networking with historians, activists, artists, and other organizations in order to better understand the historical and socio-economic context of oppression and to empathize with the children and community whom we serve.  The [OHS Collective] includes people of all backgrounds in Cape Town who can provide volunteers with a first-hand account of the past, present, and future social context of each program location.  Immersion activities allow volunteers to contextualize the nature of the inequality which our programs aim to address, and are therefore a vital component to our success.


As a group of motivated, passionate, and dedicated individuals who hail from different nations, traditions, beliefs, backgrounds, universities and fields of study, we take every opportunity to engage with each other in a wide range of social justice topics. Free of discrimination and judgement, we believe in creating a space where every individual can learn from and share with each other.  Dialogue and discussion among volunteers is a major component of the program as we seek to understand why, how, and what we are doing as we examine what it means to be human.


Enrich your Education

The choice to volunteer is one that has the potential to greatly affect your future. It is not uncommon for our Undergraduate and Graduate volunteers to change their major or field of study after completing a program, or for this experience to reaffirm one’s chosen path. It is our hope that our programs serve as a catalyst for you to discover your passion and to pursue whatever that may be with confidence, motivation and compassion.

Many of our volunteers have been able to receive academic credit towards the completion of their major, internship hours, and/or full or partial funding for participating in a volunteer program.


Youth Empowerment Volunteer Programs are offered as 1-weel, 2-week or 4-week programs in Cape Town, South Africa. This allows us to structure and evolve our programs to maximize every activity, and moment to truly provide the most inspirational and meaningful experience for all.

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