Wisdom Project

Cape Town, South Africa



Over the past six years, more than 800 volunteers from all over the world have joined One Heart Source to participate in volunteer programs designed to create positive social change and communal uplift.

The Wisdom Project is a new OHS initiative that extends the opportunity to professionals and seniors/retirees to travel to Cape Town to volunteer at a local primary school, immerse oneself in the local history and culture, and to share wisdom as part of our global Collective.


The Setting

South Africa is a place of stunning physical beauty and rich cultural history.  It is one of the most developed countries in all of Africa, and is home to many of the continent’s top universities.  However, despite its cultural and economic development, it was also home to some of the greatest civil injustices of the 20th century. The legal institution of apartheid ended in 1994, but the effects of this discriminatory political system are still evident in many spheres of South African life, most notably in informal settlements, or townships.

One Heart Source has been working in partnership with one of these townships – Imizamo Yethu – in Cape Town since 2012.  We continue to develop and evolve our programs to the needs of the local schools and communities, with the overall goal being to provide some of the most disadvantaged and underrepresented students in the world with opportunities to excel both academically and personally.


The Experience

The Wisdom Project is designed to be an exciting, challenging, and meaningful experience:

Service – Volunteers will have the opportunity to serve as educational mentors for primary school students as part of the GIFTED Community – an educational partnership established by OHS with a public primary school located in a post-apartheid township in Cape Town.  Volunteers will work with a small group of students and develop tailored math and English lessons that are aligned with the national curriculum and the student’s ability level.  For three consecutive years, we have worked with the school’s teachers and staff to ensure that instruction is beneficial, rather than intrusive.

Immersion – It is our goal to provide all of our volunteers a truly rewarding, global educational experience.  In addition to service, the Wisdom Project also focuses on social, cultural, and historical immersion in the greater Cape Town community via seminars, historical tours, and discussions that empower hope, cultural awareness, and new perspectives. In addition, customized group excursions will be available (added fee may apply) to heritage sites, national parks, vineyards, botanical gardens, and more throughout the greater Cape Town area.

International Collaboration – One Heart Source is a family of innovators, entrepreneurs, activists, professionals, engineers, developers, scientists, designers, game changers, students, parents, and more from around the world. By joining this collective, you can contribute to our collective growth by imparting your wisdom, knowledge, and experience in collaborative discussions and activities with our international volunteer corps.

Your Role

The Wisdom Project at its core is about bringing people together across age, nationality, oceans, and any other barriers, in order to share in communal growth, diversity, and joyfulness. On that note, we are seeking individuals who are: Excited to connect with students; Able, with training, to create and implement basic math and English lessons; Full of desire to learn about a vibrant culture; and Capable of working cooperatively with other volunteers and OHS Staff. Each applicant will be personally interviewed by OHS Leadership. No foreign language or teaching experience is required.


Logistics & Accommodation

Transport – OHS arranges transport to and from the airport at the beginning and end of the program, as well as daily transport to-and-from project sites and other program activities.  All of our vehicles are operated by licensed drivers who are vetted by our professional staff. All vehicles utilized during the program are inspected and constantly monitored to ensure optimal road safety.

Accommodations – Volunteers reside at The Village Apartment Complex, based safely in the beautiful Cape Town suburb of Hout Bay and near to beaches, shops, and restaurants. Accommodations include:

  • 24/7 security in a controlled access building
  • locking doors
  • internet access
  • cell phone (domestic and international; per room)
  • washers/dryers on site

OHS staff is available 24/7 for support, along with access to a vehicle and high-quality medical care in case of emergencies.

Food – Healthy and delicious local and international cuisine is cooked daily by our local One Heart Source cooks. Filtered water, fresh fruit, and snacks are provided. Our cooks are trained in food safety so that you can enjoy the delicious local food of Cape Town.


Program Dates and Fees 

E-mail to inquire about 2017 programs


We look forward to growing together with a diverse and dedicated group of people for the inaugural Wisdom Project in 2015.

Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.

 -Khalil Gibran

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